Pictures Speak louder than Words!!


New1118Me and my good friend Caroline, we arrived in Siliguri on July 16, 2010. The moment we reached DMWSC, we were greeted with warm friendly faces. I was feeling so excited to be in India!

On the next day we were sent to Loreto Convent at Panighatta, where we had stayed with two Loreto Sisters, who I grew extremely fond of. For two weeks we worked in the Loreto School, Panighatta. I had such a good time here and got really attached to the children and teachers. Everyone was so welcoming! We taught English and helped the teachers.

We were also part of a campaign against Child Labour, which was organized by the Panighatta youth. In the campaign we helped the youth in drawing pictures on the issue, which was later given out to the schools around Panighatta. We spent the last two days painting games on the hall floor. Some of the teachers even helped us in all this.

It was such a good feeling to watch the children play with the games, which we had painted.

Panighatta is a fantastic little village with lovely people. I really cannot describe how much I gained and learned from being there. The people, the culture, the way of life and of course the food made my experience different and very worthwhile. I have learned so much and would love to come back when I am professionally qualified to help them, as I feel I would be able to do more.