A Birthday with a Cause


27We would like to share with our readers this beautiful letter from Flavia and Guilia, two sisters from Toronto, Canada who are studying in Grade V.

“We are pleased that our donation can be of little help for the kids in Darjeeling and Nepal. It all started when while tiding up our rooms we realized how many things and toys we had. We then thought that our coming birthday would make a perfect occasion to raise some funds for needy kids instead of receiving more presents. At that stage however we did not know whom we could help. Then two weeks prior to our birthday we heard at mass about the work that the Loreto Sisters are doing for the kids in the Darjeeling and Nepal area. At the end of mass we met Sister Sabrina who explained us a bit more about these needy children.

We went back home and happily started writing invitation, including an informative brochure about the Darjeeling Mary Ward Social Centre initiatives, asking for a small donation instead of presents.

The response was overwhelming and everyone contributed generously allowing us to raise over $ 400.00!!

This experience made us realize that we should appreciate what we already have and that there are lots of people in other parts of the world not as lucky as we are.

Thanks to you we felt very proud to have been able to help children like us and we are happy that we raised our friends and their parent’s awareness about those who are less fortunate!

We hope to be in touch with your kids and you and we want to wish you all a very happy and healthy new year!”

Flavia and Guilia, we extend our heartfelt thanks to you for your generous support and admire your enthusiasm.