Adventure Learning Experience with the Darjeeling Mary Ward Social Centre

uIn March 2011, twelve students and three adults from Canada visited Darjeeling on a service and leadership trip with Adventure Learning Experience.  They stayed for four days at the Loreto School, Panighatta which is in Mirik Block, Darjeeling District.

“Everyone in the community was hospitable and kind.  In the school we got an opportunity to interact with the students, share fun with them and even connect with a few.  We got to teach multiple classes in subjects like English, Drama, Physical Education, Geography and more!  Each person from the traveling group loved that experience because it showed to them how children are the same everywhere in the world.”

“We also got to host a games event where the students were divided into teams of thirty and were able to compete for points in each of the games stations.  The playground was wild that day and it was evident that the students were having a great time along with the hosts. On another day, a few students from the school took us on a tour to their community.  This was where we got a better sense of the conditions and situations of the people living in Panighatta.  This also allowed us to connect to the students and to learn more about them.”

“Despite the language barrier, it’s safe to say that both the group and the community people became connected undoubtedly.  Though language serves as the main source of communication, they didn’t require them to translate the smiles on the children's faces.  It definitely was an unforgettable experience.  The group hopes to return and send money to the school for a new play set!  Fundraising will commence soon because the group were all so inspired and touched.  They all hope that they have also made an impact on the students’ lives”, said Miranda Dela Cruz.