In the month of May we were happy to welcome another group from Canada. This time a group of 6 student teachers from Ontario Institute of Studies in Education and from York University. Leading the group was Chris Wilson and Sr. Jane McDonell IBVM. They spent a week teaching in Loreto Convent Darjeeling and another week teaching in Lolay.

In-between they got their share of sightseeing and shopping in Darjeeling and their fill of trekking and moonlight walks in Lolay! An added bonus was being in Lolay when the pig gave birth to 9 piglets! A few excerpts: “ The sisters were all very welcoming and made me feel at home.”

“ I will not be the same person I was when I left Toronto….and that is great!”

“ I am touched and honoured to have worked with the Loreto organisation and sisters. They have taught me what it means to serve others in the name of love and God.”

We are also grateful to the students and friends in Canada who fundraised to make a contribution towards teacher salaries.


One of the many treks up the mountains!



Children of Loreto Lolay participate in the Mini Olympics 2011 organized by the Canadian teachers.