Experience of our Volunteers

STEPHANIE MAHBERT, a student from Christ University, School Of Law, Bangalore, did an internship with us for a month. This is what she has to say:

I worked as an intern at MWSC in the ‘Safe Migration’ Project. My internship entailed paperwork, documenting, as well as joining the team for village awareness and field work.


Stephanie interacts with a women collecting information about trafficking in the village.

The experience I gained was fulfilling, exhilarating and wonderful. It was a life time experience. I got to know the people of the community, their hardships and the length of their exploitation. Seeing it all made me want to do something to help them apart from just listening to them. After learning about human trafficking at MWSC, I realized how vulnerable children are on the streets and in villages. The biggest impact was that reality is very different from school books and the written law. The gap between what the people are promised and what they are receiving needs to be bridged and MWSC is doing a great job at this.



0 #1 stephnaie 2011-07-26 17:09
nice to see MWSC active online. congratulations to the whole team and sister Sabrina!