Celebrating Mary Ward Week

28th Jan 2012

news_jan12_mwsc weekOn the 28 January 2012 the Loreto Sisters working in development came together with the co-workers, who assist the sisters with work in the different mission areas, to celebrate the life and contributions of Mary Ward to the Church and world. The event was held at Loyola Pastoral Center, Matigara.

An ice breaker exercise was conducted to introduce participants to one another in a fun and interactive manner.

My favorite part of Sister Leena’s exercise was to have us draw a clock on our note pad and when the music stopped – we rushed around to find someone we did not know to discuss our favorite sports, actors, and hobbies. Then we made an appointment on our clock to follow up the conversation with our new friend. After meeting several new people, everyone returned to their seats to receive a presentation from Sister Geraldine, IBVM, with an in-depth history of Mary Ward’s life from her early years to the events in the latter part of her life. Sister Sabrina, IBVM, presented the group with a presentation over the Loreto Sister’s history, networks, missions and most recent establishments. The Safe Migration Group conducted a skit for the participants to showcase their recent street theatre training. The play consisted of 5 individuals who acted out a common scenario of a young man from a big city romantically pursuing a young woman in the hope of trafficking her. Margaret, who is a social worker in the play and in real life, informed the audience of necessary questions and request of specific documents to verify an individual’s claims. Time of Reflection was lead by Sister Sabrina, IBVM. news_jan12_mary ward weekParticipants were asked to share their thoughts and feelings of things they liked about the day’s event, Mary Ward’s life, and what they now felt called to do in their own lives. Five groups were formed, of which, most chose to communicate their experience and feelings on a poster board accompanied by a song. At which time every one joined in to sing along. Sister Monica’s, IBVM, presence at the closing ceremony signified the event for everyone. She addressed the gathering and thanked all the co-workers for their efforts and their hard work in the missions.  At the closing ceremony, Sister Monica, IBVM, presented a Mary Ward candle to each of the participants so that they may take the spirit of Mary Ward back to their respective villages.


(Written by Kelly Fuson, Volunteer USA)