The Darjeeling Mary Ward Social Centre, inaugurated in 2006 and registered as a Society in 2009, functions as the Development Office of the IBVM/Loreto Sisters of the Darjeeling Region.

It was established in response to a decision by the IBVM General Leadership in Rome to establish a Development Office in each Province/Region in order to advance the life and mission of IBVM locally and to develop and extend our international network of support. This international network – called Mary Ward International - works at many levels to shape goals and plans and to identify development needs in the light of the vision and mission of the Institute as expressed in the mandates of our General Congregations of 1992, 1998 and 2006.

This publication is an attempt to document, as far as possible, the development projects which have been undertaken in the Darjeeling Region since 1992. This year is a significant one since it marks the date when we as IBVM/Loreto Sisters made a decisive option for the poor and committed ourselves to frontier missions in the Darjeeling Region.

I am very pleased with the efforts of the Darjeeling Mary

Ward Social Centre to successfully record the efforts and achievements of individual Loreto Sisters and of Loreto communities who have worked tirelessly to build capacities and empower women, youth and children. They have addressed issues related to health, hunger, disease and deprivation and undertaken education for justice and peace.

While this record pays a special tribute to the sisters who have worked in the Darjeeling Region, may it also serve as a source of encouragement to all IBVM/Loreto sisters who walk the path of Justice and Truth following the footsteps laid down by our founder Mary Ward, over 400 years ago.

To love the poor, persevere in the same, live, rise and die with them was all the aim of Mary Ward.


Sr. Monica Affonso

Regional Superior, Darjeeling Region