Strengthering Systems, Enhancing Capacities

Strengthering1DMWSC has focused on strengthening internal structures and systems as well as building its own capacities. After all, it needs to be properly equipped in order to perform its mandated roles and responsibilities. 

Working on Systems 

Some of the key areas of work are outlined below. 

Ensuring Registration 

An important starting point was ensuring registration (as a Society) so that the centre could become a legally recognised entity. It would also enable DMWSC to access more opportunities for working with the government and other stakeholders.

Enhancing Communication and Support Channels with Donors, Past Pupils, Volunteers and Others 

DMWSC communicates with a range of supporters, partners and others on a regular basis. Here, the emphasis has been on providing timely updates and responses to various queries. Increasingly, different communication channels are being used to share information and build relationships with potential partners and supporters. The work being done with volunteers has been highlighted earlier. 

Systematising Proposal Writing and Related Processes

DMWSC has focused on developing proposals for securing funding for various development activities and other requirements of the Mission Centres. It has sought to gradually build its own capacities for proposal writing. There is a growing emphasis on developing and implementing comprehensive, community based programmes where monitoring and reporting aspects are outlined in greater detail.

Establishing Effective Financial Management System 

A strong financial management system is an important asset for any organisation. Accordingly, DMWSC is focusing on developing a strong system that is responsive to its needs and requirements. The basic system is now in place. The administration and accounts team are also receiving periodic support from external experts.


Strengthering2Staff Development  

The energy and enthusiasm of the staff members of DMWSC has helped it to grow. Indeed, the staff members are the driving force behind all the initiatives that have been undertaken. At the same time, the team does need a lot of supportive inputs.      Staff members have been exposed to various learning opportunities. Such opportunities play an important role in enhancing theoretical understanding as well as improving practical skills needed in the field. The key staff development initiatives facilitated are mentioned below.


No Subject and Related Details Staff Members

Management and Leathership

Seminar conducted by Christian Institute of Management

in Darjeeling, West Bengal, 2008

Sr. Sabrina and

Varsha Dewan


Project Writing

Workshop conducted by Caritas India in Raiganj,

West Bengal in 2008

Rohini Nicholas

Monitoring and Evaluation

Workshop, conducted by Caritas India in Kalimpong,

West Bengal, in 2009

Rohini Nicholas and

Sr. Regina Thami


Emergency Needs Assessment

Workshop conducted by State Inter Agency Group

in Siliguri, West Bengal, in 2009

Raj Kumar Singh and

Varsha Dewan


Juvenile Justice Act and Child Protection

Workshop conducted by National Institute of Public Cooperation

and Child Development in Kolkata, West Bengal, in 2009

Rohini Nicholas and

Binita Mothey


Domestic Workers' Rights Campaing

Organised by Domestic Workers' Forum, Delhi,

in Jharkhand, in 2009

Binita Mothey

Feminist Capacity Building

One month course conducted by Sangat - South Asian

Gender Activists and Trainers, in Kathmandu, Nepal, in 2009

Sr. Sabrina