The Road Ahead


DMWSC has had an exciting, challenging and eventful journey so far. But more importantly, it has begun to grow as a support centre for the Region. Of course, there are many aspects that need more attention and work. These key future priorities are outlined here. 

Strengthening Fundraising Systems and Mission Awareness Activities

There will be an emphasis on enhancing fundraising systems and mechanisms. Various options and strategies will be explored. Specific activities involving past pupils in Nepal for fundraising are being planned. DMWSC would also like to develop a fundraising policy that can provide the necessary guidelines. It also intends to highlight the Mission Centres and their work through various platforms and channels.

Working on Programmes 

DMWSC will focus on initiating community based development programmes in the Region. The Collective Voices programme is being seen as a major learning experience that will guide future initiatives. Partnerships between key stakeholders, acting on local concerns and using a rights based approach have now been adopted as fundamental strategies for any development programme. Also, DMWSC will support Mission Centres in exploring possibilities of working on environment issues. Besides the existing domains of interventions (i.e. education, health and nutrition, SHGs and women's empowerment and anti trafficking), environment had also been identified as a priority area for work in the Region.  

Strengthening Resource Support Role

DMWSC will support the Mission Centres in planning interventions, report writing and other documentation efforts and securing funding. It is also keen on constituting an Advisory Board comprising experts from development and other sectors. The Board will be able to guide DMWSC in terms of expanding its understanding and practice and performing its role more effectively.  

Developing Key Policies and Guidelines and Enhancing Systems  

DMWSC intends to develop policies and guidelines to facilitate its functioning. These would also act as important reference points. Such policies and guidelines are being planned in the context of human resources, ensuring gender equality and child protection and volunteering. Another key area of work is developing a communication plan that can help DMWSC reach out more effectively to various audiences. A comprehensive capacity building plan for staff members is also being considered. DMWSC is also working towards FCRA certification (recognition under the Foreign Contributions Regulations Act). This certification would facilitate increased access to foreign sources of funding.