Annexure -1

Key Decisions Taken at the Redefining Development Seminar (Oct 2008)
The key decisions taken at the seminar are presented in terms of the agreed outline of future developmental work and the roles and responsibilities of the Darjeeling Mary Ward Social Centre (known then as Mary Ward Development Centre or MWDC).

Outline of Future Developmental Work

The participants at the seminar committed themselves to the following:

  • We agreed that in all our development ministries we would use the Community Based Development Approach. 
  • We claimed MWDC as the development wing of the Region and endorsed its vision and mission statements. 
  • We agreed to ensure the legal identity of MWDC. 
  • We committed to support MWDC in its efforts to build up a “Corpus fund”.
  • We committed to appoint a sister in every centre to take responsibility for development work.
  • We agreed to identify committed lay persons whom MWDC could train for social animation works.
  • We committed to work and liaise with government agencies.
  • We committed to quarterly review meetings for the first two years, if necessary, and later biannually.  
Roles and Responsibilities of MWDC

The roles and responsibilities were defined as:

  • To link with government authorities to get government schemes for the vulnerable people in our centres
  • To mobilise local resources
  • To develop systems and structures for developmental programmes in every centre
  • To prepare biannual reports and bimonthly newsletters
  • To set up the web page on Loreto developmental works
  • To initiate a model project on “Women, Child and Youth friendly Communities” at Panighatta
  • To facilitate the planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and documentation of existing projects
  • To initiate regular developmental activity at the office
  • To conduct capacity building for local animators