A Guide to writing Projects and Reports Seminar


New1211From May to July 12 2010, Caitlin Leahy volunteered at the MWSC. Having worked part time as an assistant at the Mary Ward International Office in Melbourne, Caitlin was quite familiar with the work of the Loreto Sisters and MWSC in the Darjeeling region. Caitlin studied International Relations and Public Policy in Melbourne and was keen to get involved in development work in India.

Caitlin prepared and delivered a seminar titled ‘A Guide to Writing Projects and Reports’. Loreto Sisters from Darjeeling, Dharan Nepal and Siliguri, as well as office staff and volunteers attended the seminar. They learnt the 5 principles to guide aid/funding: partnership, public ownership and responsibility, effectiveness and quality, long term and sustainable plans and systems of monitoring, reporting and evaluation.

Participants used these principles in a ‘Logical Framework Analysis’. The group used this tool to learn how to planappropriate and effective development projects. The in-formative seminar provided a forum for people to talk about development, the needs of their local communities. Most im-portantly, it gave them the practical skills to plan and begin de-velopment projects in the Darjeeling region.